Homebrewing Beer Equipment – Comparing Cooler Mash Tun to Stainless Mash Tun


To break up the “two dudes at a table” format, Mike decided while John out traveling the world and beyond to present a video that gives an in-depth look at his mash tuns. He has two different setups for mashing that I use; each with its own pros and cons. He chooses which to use based upon what he is trying to achieve and also how finicky he is feeling about the brew day that day.

From this video, you will learn more about the homebrewing beer equipment that we use, in particular, the mash tuns we use. If we wanted to get into brewing all grain beers, you can use a plastic Igloo cooler with some fittings and it makes a wonder mashing vessel. If you want to get a more advance mashing set up, check out his stainless steel keg conversion into a mash tun with direct heat to maintain mash temperatures and a pump to recirculate the wort.

Thanks for watching. Cheers and BREW ON!


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