How to Bottle Homebrew Beer Better

This is a homebrew bottling video… with a difference. Whether you’re new to brewing or are a pro, you probably already know that getting your delicious hand-crafted beer into bottles is terrible: its time consuming, never quite goes to plan and it kind of hurts your back. I’ve had friends who have let entire batches sit out and almost go bad or invest pretty big sums of money in cooperage just to avoid dealing with bottles.

This video is a demonstration of a simple collection of things that I’ve picked up along the way that allows me to bottle with ease. It still isn’t the most fun in the world, but I at least no longer dread bottling day. You’re probably already doing one or two or maybe even all 5 of these things but I think that combining them altogether is the key to a quick and easy bottling day.

I’ve included some links below so that for under £30 you can improve bottling day forever!

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‘NoRinze’ No-Rinse Sanitiser:

No Rinse Sanitiser Sachets:


Bottle Tree:


Auto-syphon with Bottling Wand:

Bottling Wand:

Bottling Wand with Tap:

Bottling Bucket:

Carbonation Drops:

Swing-Top Bottles (Dark x 12):


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