How to Brew a Mosiac Pale Ale | Grain to Glass | Single Hop

In this video, I show you how to brew a SMASH (Single Malt and Single Hop) Pale Ale with Mosaic and Maris Otter. I go over the brewing, fermentation and tasting the final product. I’ve always wanted to brew with Mosaic and a SMASH recipe is a fantastic way to get acquainted with the hop. It gives off a lot of tropical and fruity aromas and flavors, along with some spicy and earthy notes. The final result was 6.8% ABV with 86 IBUs. It was extremely tasty and had phenomenal hop character. I was impressed at how nice the aroma was despite not dry hopping. This was a great beer and I will definitely be making it again. Also the Imperial Yeast I used was amazing and will be showing up in my brews in the future.
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Here is a list of my equipment as of filming this video and where you can buy it for yourself!
Kettle – MegaPot 1.2 10 gallon Stainless Steel Kettle –
Old Kettle – Brewers Best 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle –
Hydrometer –
Racking Cane/Siphon –
Tubing –
Bucket Fermenter –
7 gallon PET Carboy –
Bottling Bucket –
Hand Capper –
Brew bag –
12 oz brown bottles –
Yeast starter flask –
Stir Plate –
Plastic 3 gallon carboy –
Glass 3 gallon carboy –
Wort chiller –
Benchtop capper –
HotRod Heat Stick –
Spoon –

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The 75% brewhouse efficiency BIAB recipe for 5.5 gallons into the fermenter is below, along with the links to buy these ingredients from Amazon if you wish, but be aware they will not be as fresh as if you bought them in person from your LHBS:

“Lion’s Head Ale”
6.8% ABV 86 IBU

12 lb Maris Otter malt –

Single infusion mash at 153 deg F for 90+ min

Water (ppm): Ca: 101, Mg: 10, Na: 55, SO4: 134, Cl: 44, HCO3: 75

Baking Soda:
Calcium Chloride:
Calcium Carbonate:
Campden Tablets:

60 minute boil:
Add 1 oz Mosaic (10.8% AA) First Wort Hops –
15 min – Add 1 oz Mosaic (10.8% AA), Add chiller, yeast nutrient, whirlfloc – Mosaic – Whirlfloc – Yeast Nutrient –
0 min – Add 1 oz Mosaic (10.8% AA) –
Whirlpool 1.5 oz Mosaic (10.8% AA) at 180 deg for 20-30 min –

OG: 1.060

1 package Imperial Yeast A38 “Juice” –

Ferment at 65-68 F for 10-14 days, then cold crash and bottle

FG: 1.008


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