How To Brew Beer 1 Gallon Homebrew Kit

In this video I’m brewing a one gallon batch of homebrew with the American Pale Ale 1 gallon brew kit from Craft-A-Brew. This is home brewing from start to finish.

The second part of this video covers how to bottle. This was actually pretty easy to make and took around 2 hours start to finish.

Disclaimer: Craft-a-brew doesn’t pay me in any way for this video. I used to own a company called GroBrew.Com, and we used to sell these kits. I now mention craft-a-brew directly because they are really good 1 gallon kits, and they deserve any business this video generates.

For those who have asked, I shut down GroBrew.Com. I can still answer (or try to answer) any brewing related questions you have, but this channel will now be covering everything I’m interested in, not just brewing.

Thanks for watching!

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