How to Brew GUNSLINGER GRAF – Irish Red Ale/Hard Cider Hybrid!

I do not Brew with my Hand. I Brew with my Mind. 😉 I’m a little late to the party, but I brought drinks! The Dark Tower has been out for a little while, but I still haven’t seen it or read the books…yet. I wanted a cool way to review the movie, so I’m making my first batch of GRAF. It’s a fictional beverage described in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series as a beer/hard cider hybrid. The descriptions of Graf in the books leave a lot of room to play around with the recipe, so I came up with my own.

Here’s the GRAF REVIEW video:

I put the recipe below, as well as Amazon affiliate links to the beer kit I used and the Dark Tower movie if you want to review it with me. Will it be awesome, or will it suck? Let’s find out and brew something completely new!!!

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Irish Red Ale Kit – – I couldn’t find the single batch kit anymore, but this one comes with a 2nd box of ingredients for a really good brown ale that I’ve brewed before. Try either one for your Graf.
Pectic Enzyme –
Yeast Nutrient –

Bearded & Bored Gunslinger Graf

1 gallon Northern Brewer Irish Red kit
1 gallon Apple juice-NO PRESERVATIVES!!
1/2t Pectic enzyme
1t Yeast Nutrient
1 tiny pinch- Irish Moss
Nottingham Yeast

1. IMPORTANT! Make sure the apple juice you buy has no harsh preservatives like Potassium Sorbate. That will kill the yeast and prevent fermentation. Ascorbic Acid is totally fine, but anything else is a “NO GO”.

2. Follow the directions in the Irish Red Kit. Seriously, that’s all I did. When you have 10 minutes left in the boil you can add a pinch, a TINY pinch, of Irish Moss to help the beer clear.

3. Cool the wort down, add yeast nutrient, pectic enzyme, juice and pitch the yeast.

4. The beer recipe calls for 2 weeks of fermentation followed by 2 weeks of bottle conditioning. But hard apple cider usually takes at least a month to ferment, so I’ll let mine go for 4 weeks in primary fermentation, then bottle condition for 2 weeks, just to be sure it’s done.

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