Alternative Brewing – How To Brew Hario V60 Pour Over Coffee

Hey guys, Zac here at Alternative Brewing. This morning I’m gonna show you how to use the Hario V60. Before we get started, you wanna make sure you got a few things, all available on the Alternative Brewing website.

One cup V60 paper filter, one cup Hario V60 vessel, kettle, receiving the vessel, decanter or mug, scales and timer, 15 grams of filter roasted coffee, 240 grams of water, and a cup to drink out of.

To get started, fold the filter paper along the seam and insert it into the V60. The hot water pouring in and through the filter paper, preheating the decanter, getting rid of any excess paper taste. Get rid of this water, water your plants. Tear off your scales.

Putting the coffee into the V60. Giving it a bit of a tap to settle the bed nice and evenly. To start the brewing process we always start with a bit of bloom, water just off the boil, and our bloom, we’re starting from the outside, working our way in, nice and slowly.

We’re using 15 grams of coffee. So for the bloom, I’m using about 30 grams of water, generally a ratio of two-to-one and the bloom being about 30 seconds in time.

Now we start to fill up the remaining 240mls total, nice and evenly working our way around the coffee bed, slow and steady pour, as to not agitate the bed too far and get any of the bitter taste coming through.

02:36 Zac: I’ve used a ratio of 15gms to 240mls today, but trust your tongue and kinda go with how you like to brew your coffee. There’s a lot of variables that can come into play here, as with any science.

Things like agitations, water temperature, the volume of water, the volume of coffee, airflow, all come into play. You can use these to your benefit to really get the cup that you like to drink. It should take roughly about two minutes 30 for your total volume to drip through.

A good way of troubleshooting future brews is through tracking your times. If it’s draining too quickly then it’s an indication that your grind is too coarse, and if it’s taking too long to get your total brew through, it’s an indication that your grind might be too fine, but again, trust your tongue and then go with something that suits the way you like to drink.

So that’s our 240mls drip through here now. A couple of swirls and then into my cup, and there’s your cup of coffee or mine. Brew your own, now you know how to.


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