One of the trickiest things to brew is a SWEET HARD APPLE CIDER without using preservatives and artificial sweeteners. My easy recipe and process detailed below makes a delicious sweet cider that is shelf-stable and comes out great every time. I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I do. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe:-)

Bearded and Bored Sweet Hard Apple Cider – 6%ABV:

1 gallon apple juice – NO PRESERVATIVES other than Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

1 packet – Lavlin EC-1118 yeast –

1 tsp – Yeast Nutrient –

1/2 tsp – Pectic Enzyme –

1 can – Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate – thaw on bottling day

Bucket Spigot –

Air Lock –

1. Combine all ingredients in your fermentation vessel and shake to aerate and mix thoroughly. Store in a dark place for at least a month to allow fermentation to complete and cider to clear.

2. When fermentation is complete combine hard cider and thawed out apple juice concentrate and bottle the mixture, making sure the first bottle is a plastic soda bottle and the rest are glass. Make sure the soda bottle cap is tightened securely. (FYI-DO NOT PASTEURIZE THE PLASTIC BOTTLE! Store it in the fridge to stall fermentation.)

3. For the next 4-6 days (depending on room temperature) test the carbonation level by squeezing the cider-filled soda bottle. When it feels as firm as a new unopened soda, the carbonation is complete. At this point you can store the bottles in the refrigerator to greatly slow further carbonation, but you MUST pasteurize to stop it completely.

Pasteurization: This process can pose a risk of bodily injury. Exercise caution when handling glass bottles around a heat source.

If you want to store the bottles _outside_ of the fridge, or plan on giving them away to friends you must completely stop fermentation in the bottles by pasteurizing them to preserve the flavor, sweetness and carbonation level.

If you don’t, the yeast in each bottle will continue to eat the remaining sugars to produce more carbon dioxide and alcohol. This has the potential to make the bottles EXPLODE! Since you don’t know if your buddy will store your cider gift in his hot garage, you should always pasteurize gift brews.

1. To pasteurize, simply heat a large pot of water to 180F (82C), TURN OFF THE HEAT, carefully add no more than 4-5 bottles to the pot (GLASS BOTTLES ONLY), cover and let sit for 10 minutes.

2. After 10 minutes carefully remove the bottles and allow them to cool on the counter overnight.

3. Repeat the process for the remaining bottles by bringing the water back to 180F, turn off the heat and add new bottles to pasteurize. Always make sure the water is at 180F before adding new bottles.

Now that the yeast is dead and fermentation has stopped permanently you can store your shelf-stable bottles of cider anywhere.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for entertainment purposes only. This process is inherently dangerous and can pose a risk of bodily injury if the bottles explode in the pot. If you attempt this project, you assume all risk.


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  1. Ok, you inspired me. This’ll be my first try at brewing anything. All I could find were 1/2 gals at the local store. So, I picked up a 5 gal kentwood jug. What’s the quantity of the ingredients – yeast/nutrient/enzyme – do I use for a single 5 gallon batch?

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