How to brew your first 5 gallons of beer

This video is a step-by-step guide to brewing an extract beer ingredient kit. It includes the equipment set up and cleaning as well as sanitation and tips for a successful first time brew. Cleanliness is always important and we demonstrate how to use Star-San sanitation solution by mixing it in a spray bottle and using it as a spray. It is a contact solution and also a no rinse product.We also demonstrate te use of the Nuwave cook top since we are only boiling 3 gallons of water and its use is perfect for this purpose. The addition of ingredients allows us to explain the difference between dried malt extract (DME) and liquid malt extract (LME). We describe hops yeast and the reasons for boiling as well as how to use a hop sock to remove the hops after the boil. In the end we cool the wort with ice and add water to bring the level up to five gallons before we add the yeast and airlock. Visit us at or like us on facebook at

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