How to Build a Home Brew Set-Up with Wickes

Learn how to build your very own home brew set-up with this step by step guide from Melissa and her dad.
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Home brew kits cannot be bought from Wickes but this guide will give you simple steps to build the structure of a home brew set-up.

Before building your home brew set-up select a location with a power source and with plenty of ventilation as there will be quite a lot of steam produced during the brewing process.

These are the steps for building your two tiered brewing frames:

1. Attach some batons with screws and wood glue to the inside of the shed.
2. Measure and cut four lengths for the legs of the tallest structure.
3. Measure and cut four pieces of wood to form the top of the structure.
4. Using a router, rout the inside edge to a depth of 4.5mm and a width of 20mm on all four pieces.
5 Use heavy duty screws and wood glue to assemble.
6. For extra support, put an additional length of timber across this top structure then use more heavy duty screws and wood glue to attach the wooden frame to the four legs.
7. Repeat this process for the smaller structure.
8. Drill some guide holes and attach the entire structure to the baton before resting metal perforated sheets across the top of the structure.

These are the steps for building your fermentation and maturation unit:

1. Line the inside of one of the cupboards with insulation foil.
2. Attach the two units to each other using screws and then the work top.
3. Attach this frame to the baton too.

Finally, place your hot liquor tank on the taller structure, your mash tun on the smaller structure and the copper rests neatly below it on the floor.

To keep your brew set-up secure, use a lock on the door and an easy fit alarm if you feel it’s necessary.

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