How to build an all grain brewing kettle kit / mash tun build

I built an all grain home brewing system cause I like to drink.. And drinking is expensive… Unless you can make it yourself!!!

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2x Stainless Steel 62 qt Pots –
3x stainless Weldless Valve –
2x 12in. False Bottom Tubes –
2 x Weldless Thermometer –
1x Hose fitting –
1 Hose –
2 Stainless pipe fitting –

I recommend getting your cooler from a store, you can usually get them cheaper. 50 quarts should be just fine 😀

Total cost was approx
Mash tun – 63.00
Boil Kettle – 108.00
Hot liquor tank – 102.00

+ 10 bucks for the hoses to attach to it.

You can change things around and make it to your liking. I would not have added a Thermometer in the boil kettle except for convenience for seeing when your cool enough to pitch. I would like to change the Mash tun and add a thermometer so I don’t have to open the lid to check. Although, it did keep temperature the entire time with almost 0 loss in temperature.

I have searched.. And there is no company that can offer a better price than doing this on your own.. This is a full kit.
If you notice that I forgot something just let me know.

Beer Kit

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