How To Formulate Homebrewing Beer Recipes With Percentages

For this video, Mike discusses in detail why he likes to think of his grain bill in percentages rather than straight pounds and ounces (or kilograms and grams).

One of the most overlooked aspect of communicating recipes back and forth is the omission of efficiency in your system.

We are even guilty of not communicating effectively what the mash efficiency was for a given recipe. When you attempt to repeat a recipe your gravity might be way under or way above depending on those differences.

Talking about a recipe in percentages transcends that issue because the percentages maintain their scale in most cases.

The second reason for understanding your grain bill in terms of percentages is to gain the ability to formulate a complete grain bill without the assistance of software like Beersmith or BrewCypher or BeerPal. Sometimes, it’s just quicker to throw a recipe together on a piece of scrap paper.

So bare with the math in this episode. Leave a comment if you have questions or let us know if you just think that Mike is just crazy.


In case you wanted to work with points per pound per gallon, go here:


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