How to Home Brew Beer – A step by step guide using a Kolsch Extract Kit and a Full Boil

Ever wanted to brew your own beer at home but was concerned it was too hard or complicated?

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Put those thoughts aside. Coach Chris of WolfMoon Brewing will walk you through step by step on how you can home brew beer using an Extract Kit using a Full Quantity Boil technique

We will be showing how to brew a Kolsch beer using an Extract Kit obtained from Northern Brewer. Coach Chris will take you step by step through each stage of the process and give explanations of why and how to assist you in avoiding the pitfalls home brewers can make. Some of these are a quick way to measure your water quantity; how to prepare the extract; how to add your extract to the pot to avoid boil overs; how a spray bottle of water can assist with boil overs; how strong of a boil you need; when to take your specific gravity readings; when you should put your yeast in (known as pitching); and where to store your fermenter (and at what temperature) to let the yeast do its job efficiently.

So come on along and join the many home brewers out there by making your own beer – you’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it really can be.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next brew!! 🍻

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Kettle Volume calculator:

Hydrometer 101 Video:

Kit Used:
Yeast Used (Wyeast 2565):

Gloves: h
Cooling Coil (similar to shown in video):
Spring Clamps:

PBW – 1 Lb Container:
PBW – 4 Lb Container:
Star San (Pint):
Star San (Quart):

⏰ Timestamps in This Video ⏰
0:00 Intro
0:28 Kit Opening
0:55 Modifying instructions for Full Boil
1:14 Water amount used
2:20 Boiling and first extract addition
4:05 Bring back to a boil
5:50 Beginning of boil and first hop addition
7:40 TIP – Good time to clean and sanitize
8:14 Second addition of Hops (30 Minutes in)
9:10 Prepare Liquid Malt Extract
10:00 Second extract addition (45 Minutes in)
11:52 Add Cooling Coil and bring back to boil
12:34 Another boil-over???
13:04 End of boil – start cooling
14:36 Almost done cooling – Hydrometer reading
15:15 Fermentor preparation
15:52 Transfer wort into fermentor
17:45 Pitching Yeast
18:45 Closing up fermentor
19:51 Storing fermentor
20:46 Closing comments

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