How to Home Brew Wheat Beer – Part 1 – Brewing

How to Home Brew Wheat Beer – part 1.. Here is a Amazon Beer Kit: but my recipe I have brewed many times…The recipe is down below .. and (yes I squeeze the grain bags and never have any issues with it) here is the Link for Part 2 – Filtering, Kegging and Tasting

This is a 3 gallon Batch recipe

3.5 lbs of LME Wheat 65/35
1 lb of DME Wheat 55/45
1 lb of Rahr white wheat Crushed Grain 65/35
1 lb Briess Munich crushed grain 60/40
1/2 lb of Flaked Maize (malted Corn)
4 oz of Maltodextrin for smoothness
1 orange peel zest
1/2 tsp ground corriander
1/2 oz yeast nutrient
1 whirlflock tablet
Danstar Munich Yeast – rehydrate in 1/2 cup of luke warm water
1 oz Halletau Hops and 1 oz Mt Hood add both hops for full boil
added 1/4 oz of citra at 15 minutes for aroma,
NOTE: you can substitute any of your favorite hops. For my Wheat
recipe I did not add any hops at 30 min, but you can add
1 oz at 60 for bitter, 1 oz at 30 for flavoring and 1/4 oz of another
for aroma at 15 minutes.

This is a real tasty quick way to make a good wheat beer.
Good Luck to ya.

Here is some Home Brewing Resources, Amazon Links Below:
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