How to Improve a Beer Kit & Make Great Tasting Beer!

Hey gang… in today’s homebrewing video I show you how to easily improve a beer kit.

Meaning how to turn it into a great tasting home brewed beer.

When I first started homebrewing I always thought the beer tasted like garbage, over time I figure out you can easily turn a beer kit like coopers or mr beer into a great tasting beer without much effort, time or money.

The beer kit I use in this video is actually a Canada Brew beer kit, one of the best beer kits, very similar to a Coopers or Mr Beer beer kit.

So tune in as I show you how to turn this can of goo aka beer kit into a beer you would never even know was a beer kit home brew.

Here is the link to the Sober taste test of this Canada Brew Beer kit:

Here is link to the Drunk Taste Test of this beer:

Here is the link to me kegging this red ale with c02:

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Big Robb!

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