How to make apple cider, homemade recipe without yeast

How to make apple cider, homemade recipe without yeast.
100% natural product.
Home-made cider
Apples and pears

Cooking process
1. First of all you need to decide how to fermenr cider: if apples are of your own growing and they are not washed, you can ferment it thank to wild yeast, which are on the surface of apples. If apples are not of your own growing and washed – you’d better to use wine yeast or unwashed grape.
2. Well, you need to squash apples and pears by using of squeezer or make it in “manual mode” 🙂 . At first I’ve grinded apples and pears and then extracted juice. If you have areometer – you can determine the sweetness of juice: in such a way you may know average ABV.
3. Pour out juice into the jar and cover with cheese cloth for 24 hours. After beginning of fermentation (you’ll see bubbles and foam) you need to cover it with fermentation lock and leave at room temperature for fermentation. After fermentation (from 6 to 14 days), depending on looked-for ABV you may add sugar and leave for postfermentation.
4. After fermentation rack it off and bottle. Before bottling it, put some sugar into the bottles (1 TBSP for each 1 Litre). Leave it at room temperature for 14 days, then put it into the root cellar for storage. During this time cider will become carbonized.
If you’re using wild yeast, your cider may be not so carbonized as you expect, but with wine yeast the you will be pleased with the result.
Home-made cider made from pears of your own growing and sour-sweet apples became strongly sparkling and huff-cap frink, and it has very nice apple-fruit-honey sweet aroma.

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