How To Make Beer At Home (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale recipe)

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11lbs of American – Pale 2-Row
10.13oz of American – Caramel / Crystal 60L
0.5oz of Magnum Hops
0.85oz of Perle Hops
3oz of Cascade
1 Whilrfoc Tablet (or 1tsp of Irish Moss)
7 gallons of Water
Bag of Ice
Brewers yeast (US-05)
Grain bag
5 gallon brew/stock pot
4 gallon sparge/stock pot
large spoon
5 gallon fermenter

–Collect 3 gallons of water in a 5 gallon brew/stock pot with grain bag in place.
–Add crystal 60 malt and heat to 165°F.
–Then dough in 11lbs of pale 2-row. Check to see temp has dropped to 155°F. Rest mash for 90 minutes at 155F in oven.
–Pull grain bag from brew pot and drain sweet wort back in to brew pot.
–Heat 1 gallon of water to 180°F in sparge pot.
–Place drained grain bag in sparge pot and submerge grain. Rest mash for 20 minutes at 180F in oven.
–Pull grain bag out of sparge pot and drain sweet wort back into sparge pot.
–Pour sweet wort from sparge pot into brew pot.
–Heat sweet wort to a rolling boil.
–Add 0.5oz of Magnum Hops and start 60 minute timer.
–At 30 minutes remaining add 0.85oz of Perle Hops.
–At 10 minutes remaining add 1oz of Cascade hops and whilfoc tablet.
–At 0 minutes remaining (flame out) added 2oz of Cascade hops.
–Immediately move brew pot into an ice water bath. Add 3 gallons of chilled water. Get brew wort down to 75°±5°.
–Sterilize fermenter then pour brew wort into fermenter and add yeast.
–Wait at least 7 days for fermenting to stop
–microwave sugar in a cup of water and get it to boil. Then add sugar to fermented brew.
–Wait 15 minutes for sugar to get into all the brew. Don’t mix.
— Sanitize a beer pail with pouring spout. and your bottling wand.
–pour brew into beer pail. pour sugar water into beer pail
–grab a sanitized bottle and fill it to the rim with bottling wand.
–place sanitized bottle cap on top of bottle and use the bottle capper to crank down the bottle cap in place.
–let the bottles set for a minimum of 7 days before drinking.

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