How to Use a Carbonator Cap to Force Carbonate Cider Without a Keg

This video explains how to force carbonate cider with a carbonator cap. Visit: to learn more about making hard cider at home!

The cap is essentially one-way valve that is identical to a ball lock keg fitting which attaches to a CO2 tank. The Carbonator Cap is designed to fit most plastic soda bottles which act similar to a small keg. Once the bottle is filled and the cap is secured, the bottle can be pressurized with CO2. With a few shakes and a little bit of resting time, the CO2 will dissolve in the cider and just like that, you have a carbonated cider!

Your will need:
Carbonator Cap:
Hydrometer with test cylinder:

How to Use a Carbonator Cap to Force Carbonate:
1. Fill a plastic bottle with cider leaving generous headroom for shaking
2. Squeeze the bottle to remove any air in the headspace
3. Screw on the cap and connect the ball lock fitting
4. Set the CO2 pressure low and slowly turn on the take to pressurize the bottle
5. Increase the pressure to 30PSI, DO NOT OVERPRESSURIZE THE BOTTLE
6. Disconnect the ball lock fitting and shake the cider vigorously
7. Allow the cider to rest and add more CO2 if the bottle softens

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