If You Are A Beer Lover, You Are Called Something Besided Alcoholic

Beer Lovers

People have been using beer to celebrate since the Egyptian era. Fun fact, a group of archeologists had proven that some of the earlier human civilizations centered on alcohol.

Hence, people during ancient times and now love drinking alcohol, but do we have a specific name for them?

What are beer lovers called? Cerevisaphile is what you call a beer lover. It does not necessarily mean that they binge drink every day. It means that they enjoy exploring different types of beers and appreciate each one. Some would go around the world exploring craft beers.

Some people may get confused between differentiating a beer lover and an alcoholic. In this post, you will know how to tell if a person is an alcoholic or just an enthusiast.

Beer Lovers VS Alcoholics

There’s a thin line between alcoholic and enthusiast, and I’m sure we’ve all crossed it at some point. Is it okay to drink a four-pack of DIPAs?

Is it so amazing that you can explain your beer appreciation? Or, as beer drinkers, whether craft enthusiasts or not, are we simply a rambling group of alcoholics?

When we say alcoholics, these are usually the people who drink beer with two thoughts in mind.

  1. Choosing beers with the highest ABV to binge drink all days of the week.
  2. The cheapest beers so they can drink more of it.

They would spend their entire weekend getting drunk on the cheapest drinks they could find. They would only buy cheap cases of light beers from the store.

Of course, cheap light drinks do not taste great. But regardless of the taste, they will continue drinking it until they get drunk.

It is hard for them to hate beers that do not taste so good since they only want to feel the kick of the beer. Light beers are easy to drink and would spend the day sitting around and getting drunk.

Most alcoholics rarely see that they are alcoholics. They think of themselves as people who only love beer. Their drinking will get worse until they develop an addiction and see a doctor for a diagnosis.

Beer lovers, on the other hand, do not binge drink all the time. They tend to explore beers, especially craft beers. Some even travel distance to find the finest beer there is.

Instead of binge drinking and getting drunk, they savor the taste of the beer and appreciate them.

I have heard stories about alcoholics who switched from buying cheap beers to buying expensive craft beers. This transition gives their drinking habit some spice of sophistication.

Along their journey, they would no longer feel like alcoholics. They are now beer connoisseurs, if you may.

Another difference between an alcoholic and a beer lover is the alcohol percentage they are looking for in a beer.

Since alcoholics only aim to get drunk, they do not buy beers with lower ABV. Beer lovers often do not mind the ABV as long as the beer tastes great.


There’s more to drinking beer than just getting drunk. You may not know this, but beer goes back to an ancient time where people used beer to barter for food.

There are still many things you should know about to get more of a beer lover vibe. But whatever drink you choose, whatever name you give yourself, always drink moderately.


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