Keg Sizes May Be Confusing: Here Is Why

What’s the Smallest Keg You Can Buy?

Mini kegerators, or mini-kegs, are a convenient way to drink beer on tap. You can drink it anywhere you choose without permanent pumping equipment.

Lightweight, these compact machines are suitable for gatherings, weddings, home bars, and tailgates.

What’s the smallest keg you can buy? The NutriChef 64oz Pressurized Beer Mini Keg Device is the smallest keg you can get. It holds a Co2 pressure regulator, which is perfect for craft beer, draft, and homebrew.

I’ve curated a list of mini-kegs that are great for delivering tasty draft beer. If you’re tailgating for a mini-party or spending time alone to enjoy the weather, choose one of the following!

NutriChef Mini Keg System

There’s no better brand than NutriChef when it comes to mini-kegs. Their new compact, an all-inclusive keg, is eye-catching.

The device looks like a quaint little kegger that can accommodate up to 64 ounces! Even more remarkable, the beer can be kept fresh for up to 6 weeks. 

The design of the ultra-pressurized device will keep your beer vacuum-pressed. It keeps your beer fresher for much longer if conventional fridges malfunction. You will never go wrong here if you are trying to get the best bang for your buck.

Fizzics Fz403 Draftpour Beer Dispenser

This mini keg is compact enough to take with you at the correct height but big enough to accommodate a growler. This one does not need an external CO2 or nitrous canister, unlike other mini-kegs.

All you need to do is insert your beer, remove the tap, and voila! Without even having to put down your tablet, you are getting a great pint.

This dispenser can hold both beer cans and bottles without any complications. This device uses newer technologies such as USB control and 25% quicker pouring.

There are no wires, no cartridges, and no mess. To make its magic work, this keg needs two AA batteries.

DrinkTanks 64oz Travel Keg

This sleek-looking travel keg is meant to keep your brews cool for up to 45 hours. Another good thing is that your hot drinks stay warm for up to 25 hours.

This item is made of high-quality stainless steel combined with extra-durable vacuum insulation. This is one of the best mini-kegs for tailgates, so it’s robust.

Sure, there might be a little more foam in your hops, but you’re not going to waste a drop. This one comes with its injector of CO2 and cartridges as well.

BACOENG Pressurized Keg Growler

The BACOENG Pressurized Keg Growler is amazing for keeping your beer fresh and cool.

The stainless steel construction of 128 ounces contains convenient holding handles. It includes a double-stage regulator and a durable dispenser for the faucet.

It’s a perfect device to store and transport your homebrews or favorite specialty beers. Take this mini keg to your local brewery to get a refill time and again.

The variable regulator lets you control the carbonation of your drink. This offers the optimal head and flavor.

GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler

Three separate finishes are available for the GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler. This appealing mini keg is a trendy addition to every home bar or tailgating band.

It has a convenient holding handle around the neck. Aside from that, it has an integrated tap, sight glass, and pressure gauge. This will help keep you in control of your drink.

The lid makes pressure changes, while the double-walled structure helps to preserve the temperature.

Advantages of Kegs

From blended cocktails to coffee, the once beer-centric keg is now used to serve anything. Kegs have started to create a lot of buzz within the industry and among customers worldwide. A study points to various factors driving increased demand.

It has delivered an excellent overview. Widespread cost savings are assured by incorporating kegs into the cocktail scheme. Let’s dive more into the gains.

Reducing Expense

Economic advantages are made available when one is transitioning from individually-packaged to bulk storage.

We’re looking at savings of about fifty cents a bottle when you head into kegs. This means that a bar saves six dollars a case, which adds up to real savings.

Ecological Friendliness

These days, people pay a lot more from their providers, including environmental care. No garbage is going to the dump with kegs, and rotten beers will not go down the toilet. Several kegs are recyclable or reusable.

Kegs allow your company or household to cut your carbon footprint by as much as 96%!

Now that is what you and your friends and family are going to enjoy. The best way to draw eco-conscious clients is to promote the green facets of kegs.

Preventing Damage

When you understand the damage reduction that kegs provide, costs are further minimized. In a variety of cases, kegs avoid failure.

The risk of breakage or spillage is eradicated by the removal of delicate glass bottles. Shelf life is higher compared to that of bottles. You see, bottles will oxidize and spoil within two days of opening.

The drink does not come into contact with the air in a keg. This guarantees consistency from the first bottle to the last, ensuring a happy user.

Kegs often cut down on fraud because they are too big to steal, and without the right tools, cannot dispense the liquid. The use of a dispensing device further minimizes the risk of unwanted pours.

The dispensing device monitors the pour, tracks each drop, and locks during off-hours.

To make sure they don’t slip away unaccounted for, bottles need even more diligent inventory and tracking activities.

Tip When Using Mini Kegs

You must finish the mini-keg within 24-48 hours. If refrigerated with the top vent closed between pours, you can store it longer. My only fear is that carbonation will suffer.

There is no counter-pressure applied to the bottle that can help retain the carbonation. Even in the closed state, the top seal provides only so much protection.


It takes several steps to get your beer from your keg to the bottle. These useful gadgets integrate all these steps. Furthermore, both limited-volume kegs from small breweries and national brands are available.


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