Making Toffee Apple Cider from Bulldog Brews – home brew kit

Full detailed step-by-step guide on making the premium Toffee Apple Cider from Bulldog Brews: Opening the box, sterilising the equipment, mixing the contents, fermenting, checking the hydrometer, adding finings and then bottling. We would have shown you how it poured in a glass – but after sampling it soon disappeared – it was just too tasty to keep aside for recording a follow on video.

There are many cider kits on the market, like Magnum, John Bull, Samsons, On The Rocks, Muntons, Brewmaker, Finlandia etc. Some need additional sugar at the beginning (usually 1.3Kg but check with the instructions with the kit), but the method is virtually the same.

You can keg the cider if you prefer, but we opted for bottles as you get a better carbonation and you can put a bottle in the fridge to chill the cider – it will taste better.


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