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It is cider time! I (Mike) made a hard cider with blueberries and we talk about his process and how it came out.

I had been pretty short on free time lately and my empty brewing gear was making me depressed. So I decided the best thing to try would be to whip together a cider recipe and to mix it up a little bit I decided to add 6 pounds of frozen blueberries to the ferment as well.

This Cider was 4.5 gallons of pressed apple juice (also called cider here in the States many times). I added 6 pounds of thawed out frozen blueberries as well. This brought the total volume in the fermentor to 5.5 gallons more or less. I added a little yeast nutrient and some Calcium Chloride to give me a final of 50 ppm calcium for the yeast. The yeast I pitched was Nottingham. This is a nice English style beer yeast that many report produces a great cider.

This cider has a great purple color from the blueberries. The nose and flavor was still decidedly apple but the blueberries gave it a little something extra that wasn’t over the top blueberry but still something nice.

I am not a big fan of drinking hard cider, but this one I might indulge in from time to time because its a little different.

Tell us about your cider making stories.


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