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Join us for a Clawhammer stay-at-home special and treat yourself with this deliciously creamy, hoppy, and fruity milkshake IPA. Knock back a few of these if you’ve got nothing else to do and it might just brighten your spirits. Yeah, it’s gimmicky, but this beer isn’t just for your Instagram-worthy pics. It actually happens to be pretty fantastic, so don’t knock it till you try it!

It’s a hazy ipa made with a ton of malt and lactose for a full bodied, sweet, desert beer experience. We also used a single hop for the entire profile, which was the Loral brand from Yakima Chief Hops. Loral is short for “lemony and floral.” It turns out that this hop pairs very well with this style of beer. Whether you’re new and just figuring out how to brew your first beer or you’re a veteran homebrewer looking for the next hit, this recipe will do the trick. We highly recommend it.

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