Mr Grumpy’s Scrumpy (Cider Making in Ely – 2010)

A bit of fun as we watch two good friends (Warren and Tony) keep the ancient craft of cider making alive here in England. You’ll see two different scales of Vigo Presses (and associated equipment) being used. Small scale in 2008 and larger scale in 2010. We follow the process of washing, crushing and pressing this year’s bumper crop of Cambridgeshire apples (and also some from Cumbria too, courtesy of another friend, Dave), all with the aim of making lots of lovely apple juice for filling fermenters!

Shot entirely on a Sony PMW-EX3 with a quick edit in Final Cut this was a fun film to do – for several reasons! Music is a copyright free/royalty free track purchased for my video production business, with just a few “drink related” foley sounds added – works quite well I think.

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Enjoy – and cheers!



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