My home distillation setup, easy homebrew alcohol.

running a “duplast 28 litre column still” using a sugar wash (8kg sugar) and “alcotec pure super turbo yeast” to get high quality spirit. My current setup is producing about 5.2-5.4 litres of high qaulity alcohol at 82-85% or 164-170 proof (for americans). due to using pumps and a cooling system, there is no need for running water supply, so can be done anywhere there is a power supply, and it also keeps the cost of production right down as there is no water wasted.
This is compleatly legal in New Zealand, and you can make as much as you like!
I’ also making my own Fruit wines, Lagers and beers. Try it, it’s loads of fun. And you get PISHED too!

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