How to Not to Get Bloated When Drinking Alcohol

How to Not to Get Bloated When Drinking Alcohol

How to Not to Get Bloated When Drinking Alcohol – ULTIMATE How To GUIDE. Drinking alcohol can be a refreshing experience especially when consuming the right amounts at the right time. Below we will discuss

How to Not to Get Bloated When Drinking Alcohol:

  • Avoid Mixing Alcohol with Carbonated Drinks
  • Avoid Participating in Morning Cardio
  • Get Enough Sleep the Day Before
  • Avoid Using a Straw While Drinking Alcohol
  • Eat Probiotics in the Morning
  • Drink a Lot of Water


How to Not to Get Bloated When Drinking Alcohol

There are different types of beer. Each poses a unique taste to all.

Have you ever noticed having a kind of puffy face or even body you get after drinking alcohol the whole night?  

Well, if you have ever noticed such a reaction, you must have been bloated.

Bloating is one of the significant effects of alcohol drinking. Some alcoholics also get a bigger belly after drinking alcohol for a long time. 

A survey conducted by health practitioners revealed that all types of alcohol contain some percentages of sugar levels as well as about 7% of calories per gram which highly contribute to additions of calories and sugars in the body.

The result? Increased belly fat.

In this article, we shall focus on giving highly researched information concerning the following topics:

  • What causes alcohol bloating?
  • How to avoid alcohol bloating
  • Signs and symptoms of bloating
  • Preventive measures to avoid bloating
  • When to seek medical attention


The fact that alcoholic products contain certain levels of calories means that the more beer a person consumes, the more calories enter the body. In a real sense, having more calories in the body means weight gain.

Most of the calories in the body tend to have more effect on the belly. Hence, you will find most of the alcoholics having large bellies. 

Sometimes, having excess body weight leads to gastric tract irritation, which results in bloating. Calories found in alcohol hence become one of the factors for bloating.

Additionally, alcohol possesses inflammatory characteristics. In other words, swelling.

In most cases, the inflammatory features are present because of the sugars and carbonation in the alcohol. Inflammation causes stomach discomforts because of excess gas. In the long run, this leads to bloating.

After spending a long time drinking alcohol probably the whole night, you will notice you have a bloated face mostly characterized by redness.

You experience this because drinking alcohol for long hours causes dehydration in the body. When your skin gets dehydrated, your internal organs also get affected.

In return, you will get a puffy, bloated face. 

Signs and Symptoms

You may notice the following signs and symptoms when you have bloating. 

  • Increased body weight especially on the belly
  • A puffing face
  • Discomfort in the stomach
  • All-day hangovers which come along with severe headaches


There are some measures you can take to avoid bloating after drinking alcohol the whole night.

If you think you have bloated, there are ways to get rid of it. 

This part contains two segments. In the first segment, we shall focus on preventing bloating.

In the second segment, we shall look at remedies if you happen to have bloated already.

Measures to Take

Salt consumption causes your body to retain water. For this reason, you should always watch out on the amount of sugar you consume hours before you go drinking. 

Preferably, you should take more fruits or add salt containing low sodium amounts to regulate the amount of water in your body.

By observing this practice, you will diminish the effect of bloating when you drink alcohol all night.

Avoid Mixing Alcohol with Carbonated Drinks

Most of us like adding carbonated beverages like sodas in the glass of alcohol.

This action is dangerous because it will add unnecessary gases in your stomach which will cause inflammation in the body.

Inflammation will cause stomach discomfort. And in the long run, cause bloating in your stomach. 

To avoid this, mix alcohol with flat beverages like natural blended juices.

Natural blended juices do not contain any added sugars or calories so they will not cause any additional weight or even inflammation in the body.  

In other words, take alcoholic drinks that do not necessarily have to get mixed with other beverages.

Or else mix your glass of alcohol with flat beverages which do not go through the carbonation process. 

Avoid Participating in Morning Cardio

Cardio exercises are useful mainly for purposes of maintaining body fitness.

Even so, when planning to take alcohol, avoid engaging in morning cardio. Doing so will allow your body to retain more water, which will eventually release through sweating.

However, not all water gets released through sweating. This exposes your body to a higher risk of bloating after drinking alcohol.

Skip the morning cardio. Instead, participate in strength training or perform toning exercises to avoid bloating.

Get Enough Sleep the Day Before

Getting enough sleep a day before drinking alcohol lowers your chances of bloating.

This is because not sleeping well produces higher cortisol levels. More cortisol is released through stress. So, if the body does not get enough rest, it will release more cortisol than normal.

The release of this hormone causes disturbances in your digestive system which in turn makes you constipated all day.

Therefore, lack of sleep can lead to constipation, which can lead to bloating.

Advisably, take enough rest and sleep well a day before drinking alcohol.

Avoid Using a Straw While Drinking Alcohol

Avoiding using a straw while drinking alcohol might seem like a crazy idea, but in the real sense, scientists have proven that doing this helps in avoiding bloating.

Using a straw while drinking subjects you to inhaling excess air which causes inflammation to your body.  

Inflammation is one of the leading factors that cause bloating after drinking alcohol.

To avoid this, just drink directly from the glass and skip the straw. 

Eat Probiotics in the Morning

Probiotics are famous for their power to prevent bloating and to boost general body health. Some of the foods which contain probiotics include yogurts, green peas, and kimchi.

You do not have to take probiotics pills because they are not 100% free from chemicals.

By consuming such healthy foods, your stomach will regulate all the alcohol you will take during the day.

Drink a Lot of Water

As said earlier, alcohol dehydrates the body. For this reason, it is only right to take water frequently while boozing to make sure that your body remains hydrated all through.

Having a dehydrated body can make you pass out quickly and result in having a bloated body.

Make it a habit of drinking water before as well as while drinking alcohol as this will help you avoid body dehydration. 

De-bloat Quickly

After drinking alcohol for long hours, you may realize that you are experiencing bloating which in most cases will affect your performance during the day.

There are some remedies you can do to help curb bloating:

Brink Water with Lemon and Cayenne Pepper

Drinking water with lemon and cayenne pepper is one of the best ways to get rid of bloating.

Just take a glass of water, squeeze the lemon juice in the water.

Add the cayenne pepper into the mixture and stir well. 

Drink the resulting solution slowly, and you will notice the bloating will vanish slowly by slowly.

You should make sure to take this after one hour until the bloating feeling goes away completely.

Turmeric Powder

Did you know that the yellow turmeric powder contains high detoxifying properties? To get the most out of it, crush the turmeric to get some yellow powder.

Afterward, add the turmeric powder into drinks like a smoothie made from de-bloating types of foods like papaya, pineapple spinach and water from the coconut.

Turmeric is also available in liquid form so you can mix the turmeric liquid with a glass of alcohol and enjoy a healthy detoxifying drink.


The ginger plant has the power to stop all your tummy problems within a short time. You can get a ginger shot at any juice bar.

You can also choose to take ginger tea when feeling bloated. Drink some to make the bloating vanish.

Fight Inflammation with Food

Fruit berries. They contain antioxidants that are responsible for preventing inflammation and fighting diseases.

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Dark chocolate can also help fight to bloat as it contains flavonoids that help in preventing inflammation.

Eggs also play a huge part not only in providing protein but also in successfully reducing inflammation.

Olive oil also acts as an active antioxidant, reducing levels of inflammation in the body.

Foods that contain omega also help in reducing the high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that is associated with increased belly fat in the body. 

Hemp seeds also provide the body with proteins and supply with healthy fats to keep the heart strong and pumping blood perfectly.

Other Preventive Measures to Avoid Bloating

  • Eat or drink slowly. While eating or drinking slowly, you avoid having to inhale air more often. Eating or drinking faster makes you inhale more air, resulting in bloating.
  • Avoiding chewing hard candy or gum. Chewing hard candy exposes your body to more air intake which causes you to suck in more air than the standard rate.
  • Perform toning exercises after eating or drinking because you will reduce the bloating feeling.
  • Seek immediate medical attention anytime you have heartburn issues as this can increase bloating especially when you additionally take alcohol.
  • Avoid eating foods that contain high gas content like fatty foods and processed food that contains artificial sugars.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol at the same time.
  • Try consulting a health practitioner about the over the counter remedies that will help to reduce bloating. 
  • Try eating foods that contain digestive enzymes because they help in reducing bloating. Such foods include yogurts. 
  • Avoid sugar alcohols because they contain high levels of calories that result in weight gain which causes inflammation and in the long run leads to bloating. 

Medical Attention

Noticing that you developed bloating after drinking alcohol, you should try out the above measures to see to it that you do not experience bloating anymore.

If the bloating won’t go away, you should seek medical attention for further treatment.

Some of the signs and symptoms which will raise the alarm and call for a medical checkup include the following: 

  • Unending fever
  • Continuous vomiting which lasts for over 24 hours
  • Blood spots when spiting or in your urine
  • A persisting swelling on any part of the body even after applying home remedies
  • If you are having body conditions like kidney failure
  • Highly intense pain in the stomach
  • Having a reddish face that won’t go away even after using home remedies 


Winding down and drinking booze is a fun way to relax. Alcohol induces feel-good chemicals, which is why a lot of people drink them.

However, like all things, it must be done in moderation. Drinking just the right amount of alcohol will prevent bloating.

To avoid that, just always remember the measures to take above. Alcohol is a great way to unwind, just remember not to overdo it.


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