apple beer recipe

Apple Beer Recipe

Apple Beer Recipe

How to make Apple beer at home? Now that Summer is here, we bring you a home brewed beer recipe with a punch of red Apple!

Watch as the video illustrates how to make home brewed beer, that too, made out of red Apples!

Apple beer recipe, its ingredients along with a few special tips are provided below.


5 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp dry yeast
Half lemon
Apple juice 650 ml (3 big apples)


Add sugar, yeast, half lemon juice & apple juice in a bowl.
Stir till sugar dissolves.
Fill the mixture in a glass bottle.
Keep it aside to ferment for 3 days.

Special Tips:

Store the mixture in a dark place to ferment for 3 days.
Always use a glass bottle to store the mixture.
Keep the ready beer in the refrigerator to cool it before serving.
Garnish with small pieces of apple for added flavor.


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    1. Ingredients

      16 Green apples
      2kg Brown sugar
      20 Five Roses tea bags
      20g brewers yeast
      20 Litres water

      Boil water, sugar, and tea bags
      Let it cool
      Add yeast and apples
      Ferment for 7 days

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