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Send Beer As A Gift

We now live in an e-commerce world, where everything is being delivered to our homes. From groceries to buying furniture, medicines, food cravings, and everything in-between. And this type of delivery is being used too for sending gifts to your friends or relatives.

How can I send beer as a gift? To send a beer as a gift, you can use alcohol delivery services, retail delivery services, and a gift card.

In this article, you’ll learn some other tips to have a successful beer as a gift. It will also help you determine if shipping alcohol is legal. How to ship it internationally, out-of-state, what courier accepts beer shipping. And lists of some states that allow alcohol delivery.

Different Styles Of Sending Beer Gifts

Sending a gift to your loved ones is one small gesture that they will love. A beer gift is one of the unique gifts that you can give to them, especially now. To have some ideas, here are some tips:

Send It With In-demand Alcohol Delivery Services

Liquor stores like Binny’s and BevMo will help you deliver your alcohol gifts. These delivery services will deliver your order on the same day. Aside from these, delivery applications are circulating online. It would help if you chose which one you preferred.

One of the secrets of these delivery applications is, it allows the customer to customize their orders. Some applications require minimum orders, shipping fees, and irregular hours. Don’t forget that these all require proof of identity of your legal age before taking it.

To name one app is the caviar which is a traditional food delivery app. Before, it only caters to users’ food, but now it also offers service or breweries. They deliver the orders with their own couriers and charge customers a small fee.

Use A Retail Delivery Service

There are many national grocery and food delivery services that deliver different beverages. However, some require a minimum value of $20 or more.

Google and Amazon now offer this type of delivery service. But if your favorite spot doesn’t deliver it, you can use services like TaskRabbit.

Some apps have collections of local restaurants, spirits, wines, beers that deliver door-to-door. You can search for the specific products and then order them; you can schedule the delivery ASAP, deliver it in advance, or pick it up. And they also offer points that you can redeem for some rewards.

A Boozy Gift Card

Yes, you can send them a unique gift card that has different beer selections. The recipient will receive the gift card through email or digital.

It would help if you chose first which city you want to check out for beer selections. Then if you think that’s the best gift you can order, click the order and pay for it.

It’s perfect for a gift because they can use it for a specific merchant you chose for them. Then they will send the magical box of booze to your recipient’s house.

Tips To Have Successful Beer Gifts

1. Wrap The Bottles In A Bubble Wrap Or A Newspaper

If you want your beer gift to be a success, make sure you know this. It’s a big NO to put a six-pack in a box then mail it directly. Always remember that there’s a possibility that it will break. Prone to the breakage is the neck’s bottle.

That’s why it’s best to wrap it with a lot of bubble wrap then secure it with a rubber band. But if you don’t have a bubble wrap or newspaper, find something that keeps the neck secured. If you plan to mail a 12oz bottle, you can pack them in freezer bags. It’ll double the protection.

There are also sleeves made for beer bottles which you can buy online. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s better than shipping your beer gift broken.

2. Tape Every Part Of The Box

There’s no doubt that a box of beer is heavy. So, expect the box to tear without you taping every part of it. To ensure a more substantial box, seal the top and bottom of the box.

Taping around the box will help in case the glue gives out while tossing it around.

3. Make Sure The Box Is Tight

When sealing the box, ensure that nothing is moving inside. Research says that when stacking the bottles, make sure to start from bottom to top. Meaning the top of the bottle is next to the bottom. Then, pack them on their side, do not place them up and down.

Before sealing the box, try shaking it a little bit to make sure there’s no movement. If ever there is, try to add some bubble wrap or a newspaper inside.

4. Line A Bubble Wrap In The Box’s Side

If you don’t have bubble wrap, then substitute it with a crumpled newspaper. Also, packing peanuts has the same effect.

Its goal is to have a defense around the sides, bottom, and top of the box. Because, even if you tagged this as “fragile,” the warehousemen will still toss it around.

5. Line The Box With A Garbage Bag

Accidents happen all the time, so if you don’t want them to happen, prevent them. Prevent it by lining a garbage box first with a garbage bag.

Accidents are unstoppable, and garbage bags will help you give an extra defense to it. A garbage bag will also help in securing the box in case it gets soaked.

6. Don’t Send Beers During Summer

Heat is bad news for beers, and it’s evident that during summer, it’s hot. Being in the scorching heat of the sun for a long time makes your beer smell like skunk. To save the beers and send them during winter or autumn, the temperatures are cool.

Legality Of Mailing Alcohol

There’s no fixed answer to this question since it depends on the laws. Laws of different states, counties, and cities that both the buyer and the seller are in.

When the 21st Amendment ended, it gave the states set regulations on selling alcohol. Here are some universal rules for shipping alcohol:

  • Let the carrier know that the shipment contains alcohol
  • To ensure that the receiver of the package is 21 and up, he must sign the package
  • You should pay the alcohol package fee

Different Regulations And Laws When Shipping Beers

We know that you only want what’s best for your loved ones. Listed below are some reminders to know when you decided to gift a beer to a friend.

Shipping Alcohol In-State

Shipping alcohol in-state is the simplest shipping method. But it’s still confusing, and there are some complications too.

Since you’re shipping alcohol within the states, meeting the state’s requirements is better. Ensure that you’re familiar with the city’s laws in different municipalities and towns.

Alcohol distributors are familiar with the local laws with alcohol production, sales, and distributions. Customers can use alcohol e-commerce and some delivery apps to order alcohol, which your friends and loved ones will enjoy without leaving their house.

Out-of-State Alcohol Mailing

When you decide to ship alcohol outside the states, that when it becomes complicated, you need to meet the requirements and regulations from where you’re shipping also to the state you’re shipping to; if that state permit to ship liquor and wines, then it means that they can also ship beers.

Some suggest making it more accessible, search for a retailer within your receiver’s state. Then, you can order beers from that retailer and ship them within your receiver’s place. In that case, the retailer won’t need to cross the states and only meet their state’s requirements.

International Shipping

Importing and exporting alcohol across the countries are more complicated. It would be best if you met their city’s laws, counties, and states.

Also, it would help if you familiarized yourself with their importing and exporting laws. Ensuring the distributor’s permits is also needed.

Taxes and duties for international spirit, beers, and wine imports are also necessary. Managing a beer gift shipment is possible if you work with third-party- retailers. That complies with all the wine orders, liquors, and beers.

Courier That Allows Shipments Of Alcohol

A USPs Courier prohibits all the shipment of spirits, beers, and wine. Either both domestic and international, because of their strict regulations on the packaging.

It said that they wouldn’t accept alcohol shipment if that has any labels or packaging of the company. They have the right to decline the shipment.

UPS, on the other side, allows alcohol shipments with some strict rules. Here are some of the rules:

  • A UPS account number
  • You need to sign the alcohol agreement contact with the UPS
  • A federal license to ship alcohol
  • Correct permits to ship alcohol to where you’re sending it to
  • Must follow guidelines in both recipient and sender’s state
  • The alcohol should be in the center, not on the sides
  • Must use the UPS’ EPS foam or a molded fiber tray
  • Labeled the shipment and met the UPS’ destinations state and origin guidelines
  • Must label the package as alcohol contained
  • The recipient must be 21 years old and above and sign the delivery form

FedEx Rules And Regulation

Here are some of the regulations of the FEDEX based on their page:

  • A FedEx account number
  • Must sign the alcohol shipping agreement through your account manager
  • Must label the package as containing alcohol
  • A signature on the form upon the delivery from 21 years old or above
  • Must label the shipment clear and meet the FedEx guidelines

Compliance Rules On Alcohol Shipping In Every States

As said, there are different laws in every state about alcohol deliveries. I listed some of the states corresponding to its rules.

1. Alabama

Shipments of Alcohol in this are not allowed. But particular residents can apply for a special request of orders. It should be through the Alabama Alcohol Control Board.

2. Alaska

This place has a simple shipping law for alcohol. It will help if you become compliant with mailing alcohol to consumers. And of course, follow and be aware of their local and city laws.

3. Arkansas

Allows an on-site only of shipping of alcohol. It means that they restrict shipping from businesses that have a permit to ship to the in-states.

4. Arizona

Also, have a simple law for alcohol shipping. In 2017, they removed the rule limiting the number of alcohol distributors to send, making them the state alcohol-friendly.

5. California

It is one of the states that have the most straightforward rules on alcohol delivery. Because of this, it makes them the largest market for alcohol delivery.

It would be best if you were mindful of their local and city news. And become compliant with mailing alcohol to customers.

6. Connecticut

Alcohol shipment is okay with this state as long as you’re compliant. But the cost of compliance and acquiring a license is expensive.

7. Colorado

It belongs in the top ten most significant markets for liquor, wine, and beer delivery. It has a simple rule for alcohol by mail.

8. Florida

It also belongs to the top five largest markets for alcohol delivery. It also has a relaxed law for delivering alcohol. But, make sure to be compliant in mailing alcohol to the customers and be mindful of their city and local laws.

9. Idaho

Delivering alcohol in these states is also allowed. This state is a growing market for craft alcohol because of its relaxed laws.

10. Indiana

It is only recently that Indians allowed alcohol delivery and have a relaxed law for alcohol by mail.

11. Kansas

Also, allow alcohol delivery and have relaxed laws for alcohol delivery. It’s also a growing market for those who are looking for direct-to-consumer states.

12. Louisiana

Alcohol delivery in these states is okay, though they consider it as a small market. You only need to be compliant with mailing alcohol to customers. And be mindful of the local and city laws.

13. Maryland

It has a smaller market compared to Louisiana, but it has relaxed laws too.


In general, sending a beer gift will make your loved one feel more special. To make it successful, you need to remember the listed tips to avoid breakage while in transit.

And remember, though it’s legal to deliver alcohol in some states, minding their laws is still needed.


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