SteepShot brewing guide

Brewing with the SteepShot is quick and easy, the recipe we use is:

– Metal filter (included)
– 14 g. Coffee, finely ground
– 200 g. Boiling water
– 30 – 60 seconds brewing time

This recipe is the one we currently use but it all boils down to personal taste. Whether you like your coffee stronger or milder or perhaps you prefer the mouthfeel a paper filter gives you? (All types of Aeropress-size filters fit SteepShot). You might like the body and depth of a longer brewing time, or the clarity of a shorter one. With SteepShot, it’s up to you.
The important thing to remember when brewing with SteepShot is that the water needs to be hot; at least 90 degrees Celcius.
Without steam, there’s no pressure, which means no shooting.


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