The 10 Strongest Beers In The World

Strong Beer

Beer is, without a doubt, the greatest invention of all time, according to most guys. It smells great, tastes great, and makes you feel great after a few too many. However, consumers have recently discovered that there are a plethora of strong beers on the market.

Which beer has the most alcohol? The world’s strongest beer is the Brewmeister Snake Venom containing 67.5 ABV! Because of the ABV, punters are advised not to drink more than 35 ml in one sitting if you want to try one; ready your pockets because this is one of the most expensive beers.

There are just a few decadent beers available right now that have staggeringly high alcohol content. We will provide an insight into what the Brewmeister Snake Venom tastes like and a list of the world’s strongest beers.

What Is ABV? And Why Does It Matter?

The term “ABV” stands for “Alcohol by Volume.” It refers to the amount of alcohol in a bottle. One bottle of a mainstream beer is one standard alcohol beverage because the standard is roughly 0.6 alcohol ounces.

If you got a 12-ounce bottle of beer with a 4.0 percent alcohol content, it contains 0.48 ounces of pure alcohol.

The term “high ABV” is a bit subjective when it comes to beers. Some people believe that high ABV is between 9 and 20%, but we are not talking about that. But, some are ridiculously high.

We are talking about beers with such a high alcohol content that they can also identify as liquor.

The Strongest Beers In The World

There is no dignified way to put it, but there is beer, and then there is everything else in life. Okay, that might be a stretch, but beer is good. Looking at the real-life and uncompromising honesty, drinking beer is one of the best aspects of adulthood.

Do not get me wrong. Many parts of life are far superior to beer, but beer lends some positive POV to life. Beer is available for you whether you want to unwind after a long day at work or be lit up.

One of the many best aspects of beer is the ability to “light up.” It is refreshing on its own. And can be consumed over a length of time, such as at a baseball game.

One can sip whiskey over several hours, but the feeling is not the same. There is no such thing as “thirst-quenching” when it comes to strong liquor.

Strong beer is available for people who desire the best of both worlds. Breweries make strong beers in many ways. But in the end, you will have a beverage capable of turning any man into a warrior.

Some may consider a solid brew to be 7 percent -9 percent. Some may prefer the 15 percent -20 percent rarities. But whatever the preference, some bottles of suds out there that will knock your socks and hat off.

One would wonder what the point of such a potent brew is: Are you looking for bragging rights? We don’t know, but these beers are deserving of attention.

1.   Brewmeister Snake Venom: 67.5% ABV

Even absinthe, which has the highest alcohol level of any strong drink, has an ABV of roughly 60%

Snake Venom. The name tells us everything we need to know. This drink is created in Keith, Scotland, by the Scottish brewery Brewmeiste. Earlier this year, it beat out another beverage from the same firm, the 65 percent ABV Armageddon.

Because the brewery was aware of the bomb’s potential, they correctly placed a warning label on the bottle. If you can’t satisfy your thirst with simply a bottle of beer, this stuff isn’t for you.

In one sitting, one bottle of Snake Venom can lead you straight to your funeral march. Even the manufacturer recommends not taking more than 35 percent ml at a time.

Treat it like whisky. However, you may need to remember that whisky is just 40-45 percent alcohol. So treat it as if it were a rare whisky.

If you think of reselling this, think again. The company makes efforts to ensure that you only get one bottle (275ml) at a time.

The Brewing Process Of Brewmeister Snake Venom

The science behind it is straightforward. The basic building is accomplished through fermentation with smoked peat malt and two yeast kinds (ale and champagne).

Freezing the substance achieves the desired concentration. Not just once but several times over.

Water freezes, leaving liquid alcohol behind, which only solidifies at a different temperature. With the ice crystals removed at various stages, the content concentrates.

It is slowly gaining all of the power necessary to become the world’s strongest beer.

How Does Brewmeister Snake Venom Taste Like?

You won’t get any brownie points if you guess that the scent of alcohol overwhelms you even before you put the glass to your lips. Sip it while taking a deep breath.

Malt hops and a hint of fruitiness are all present. It’s not going to be effervescent. In such a dense environment, bubbles have no chance.

Following customer complaints about its previous product, Armageddon, Brewmeister set out to produce Snake Venom (65 percent). Some people complained that Armageddon was not as explosive as the manufacturer had represented.

Snake Venom is now available on the market. There are no more complaints after some hushed silence, but only warnings are being sent on fan pages.

2. Brewmeister Armageddon: 65% ABV

If you’re looking for a smooth German Eisbock, go no further. Although Brewmeister’s Armageddon has 65 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) per 330 mL, it has a smooth mouthfeel. Armageddon is sure to conjure up ideas of a roaring fire on a cold winter night—dark, smoky, and welcoming.

Brewmeister Brewery (Keith Brewery LTD) is a beer from Keith, Scotland, similar to BrewDog. Armageddon was the first beer to hit the shelves when the brewery was founded using a student loan.

Fractional freezing cools the beer to a specific temperature where water freezes but alcohol does not, resulting in the beer’s alcohol concentration. The ice is then removed, leaving the alcohol behind.

Armageddon, according to Brewmeister, is bubblegum and caramel flavors, and most drinkers would agree. However, some consumers report that this drink is not as how the distillery described it.

Armageddon will blow your head if you’re looking for anything different.

3. The End Of History: 55% ABV

The BrewDog brewery, which comes in third on this list, is a master at creating beers that can kill you. One such beer is The End Of History, which has a 55 percent alcohol content.

This ultra-limited blond Belgian beer is recognized for its robust whiskey-like flavor with faint overtones of juniper berry. It comes in a bottle wrapped with dead squirrel skin. It is also one of the most expensive beers globally, with a bottle costing $780.

4. Schorschbräu Schorschbock: 57% ABV

Schorschbräu is a German brewery that produces some of the world’s most vital (and most costly) beers. If you consider yourself a beer expert, the 57 percent brew should be on your list of must-try beverages.

The Schorschbock 57 percent has immediately established itself as an outlier. It is an amber ale by definition, but it’s nothing like you’d anticipate. On the tongue, the beer is fruity, but the finish is quite acidic, with additional fizz, herbs, and soil.

Schorschbräu’s 57 percent ABV beer is only available in limited bottles each year, and it comes in a styled bottle. It’s a bit of a collectible, and it’ll never go out of style.


To avoid being left out of the brewing rivalry between BrewDog and Schorschbrau, Dutch brewers Koelschip attempted and succeeded in making the world’s strongest beer.

Obilix was created in response to BrewDog and Schorschbrau one-upping each other, according to the brewers’ website. It is not cheap, at roughly $25.00. However, it may be obtained online through the brewery’s website.

6. BrewDog Sink The Bismarck: 41% ABV

Sink the Bismarck by BrewDog is the first beer on our list of high-alcohol-by-volume beers. It retains its powerful hop flavor and bitterness as an Imperial IPA but gains a fragrance of alcohol and resin.

The golden tint will make you think of whiskey, and every sip should be treated as such. Things like kettle hopping, freeze hopping, and dry-hopping gives the beer its deliciously spicy flavor. It’s worth a shot.

BrewDog is a Scottish brewery founded in 2007 by two friends who were sick of industrial beers. They wanted to try something new. BrewDog was already Scotland’s largest independent brewery in its second year of operation.

Their beers are now enjoyed all over the world. BrewDog’s founders also do incredible things like donate to organizations and make their breweries carbon negative.

7. Baladin Espirit de Noel: 40% ABV

Although Italy is better known for its wines and meats, it also produces some award-winning beers. Take, for example, Baladin’s Espirit de Noel.

This is a one-of-a-kind brew. With a fleeting 40% ABV and a chocolate-covered aftertaste, you’ll think you’re drinking a dessert rather than a beer. It’s no surprise that Baladin refers to it as “spirit” rather than “beer.”

Espirit de Noel was released in a wine bottle in 2011. Because it has a subtle amber tint, don’t be surprised if some people think you’re serving pinot grigio. To get the complete flavor profile, serve it cold.

8. Struise Black Damnation VI

Among the few beers on this list that focus on using high alcohol content to boost flavor. We like the Struise Black Damnation VI Imperial Stout more than some on this list.

The dark, black brew has great coffee, dark chocolate, and peat flavors, with a nearly whisky texture.

Despite the additions, the Imperial Stout retains all of the characteristics we associate with darker beers. Its continents make it not just one of the world’s strongest beers but also one of the most remarkable.

9. Sam Adams Utopias: 29% ABV

Sam Adams is a well-known brand in the United States and abroad. However, it offers a surprising variety of beers to suit all tastes. Utopias is an alcoholic masterpiece with a deep red hue.

It appeals to the eyes as much as the palate. Not only that, but the beer container is absolutely lovely.

Utopias from recent batches have been mixed with older batches, which are almost 20 years old.

The beer is also matured in various oak barrels, which formerly contained Moscato wine and Scandinavian aquavit. Furthermore, Utopias isn’t made by freeze hopping but rather with what Sam Adams refers to as “ninja yeast.”

The Utopias beer is bound to become a favorite of yours after the first try, regardless of how it’s created.

10. Evil Twin: 17.2% ABV

Even though this Evil Twin high alcohol beer has the lowest ABV on the list, don’t underestimate it. It’s an Imperial IPA with many flavors, including hops, mango, caramel, and malt.

The head soon evaporates in a glass, leaving a dark amber beer with minimal carbonation. It is an excellent beer to try if you’re new to the realm of high-ABV beers.

There’s an explosion of flavor on the tongue, followed by a taste of malt and a smidgeon of alcoholic heat. It has a thick, slightly grainy texture to it, but not in a negative way.

This beer is one of the most anti-authoritative beers ever brewed by far, according to Evil Twin. It’s not at all what everyone would expect.

Evil Twin was founded by a former schoolteacher in Denmark. However, because it is a gypsy brewery, it has no single headquarters. It instead collaborates with breweries all over the world to create limited-edition and seasonal brews.

The Strongest Beers In The USA

Many people in the US cannot and will not spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for a beer. Prices of the strongest beers in the world are expensive; $100 tops excluding shipping fee and taxes (if applicable).

Have you ever wondered which beer in the United States the highest ABV has? That’s the Samuel mentioned above, Adams Utopias. It costs $200 a bottle and has a 29 percent ABV.

You don’t want to break banks for those beers? Do not worry. Several American breweries and brands have improved their offerings in recent years. Here are some of the most potent beers on the market right now in the United States:

1.   Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA: 18-20% ABV

These beers are only released periodically and have a range of 15-20% alcohol by volume that is often rounded up to 18%. However, Dogfish Head is not precisely known for brewing beers that push the boundaries.

The 120 Minute IPA is continuously hopped for two hours during the boil, then dry-hopped every day for the next month.

This process gives it an insane hoppy bitterness that must be balanced with malts, which convert to sugars. Afterward, it then becomes alcohol. The World Wide Stout takes a similar approach with barley.

However, you will not find this on the shelves of your local supermarket. But if you want a 120 Minute IPA or a World Wide Stout, you should have no trouble finding them.

2.   The Bruery Black Tuesday: 19.5% ABV

The brewery’s website suggests that the beer has been replaced by a similar and equally alcoholic “Black Tuesday.” However, we are sticking with Chocolate Rain as the Orange County, California representative. We like how it reminds us of Tay Zonday.

Furthermore, we also think the label for Chocolate Rain, a beer that’ll get you drunk faster than whey, is hilarious.

It’s like buying a box of armor-piercing bullets and seeing a warning that contains bullets on the packaging. Chocolate Rain takes Black Tuesday and adds cocoa nibs and vanilla beans.

We assume they utilize both to offer a unique flavor to the black beer and also to boast that their beer has “nibs and beans.”


The Grand Lake Brewing Company isn’t known for its super-strong brews. Are we dissatisfied that there are just three beers with greater alcohol by volume (ABV) than Bud Light Platinum? Yes.

Does the explanation that it takes less alcohol to get drunk at higher altitudes make us feel any better about that fact? That is not likely to be the case; it just feels like a squandered opportunity.

The Holy Grail of Grand Lake, on the other hand, is not to be overlooked. Or, at least, it wasn’t for a little while in 2003. That’s because two Grand Lake brewers decided they wanted to hit your liver in the face.

So, they manufactured a beer made solely of pale malt and aged it in rum barrels for eight months. These drinks yield a one-time batch of beer with a 20% alcohol content.


To summarize, when you want a full-bodied beer with a punch, you can’t go wrong with a stout. The beers on this list have highly high alcohol by volume (ABV), some equating to liquors.


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