The Art of Building a Brewery – 1

Designing and Building your home brewery is as close to art work as it gets.

It incorporates aspects of wood working, plumbing, electrical, crafting, painting, even sewing if doing BIAB (Brew in a Bag). Putting it all together is a true expression of one’s craftsmanship.
For me, it’s time to build a new brewery after 8 years of brewing. 10 or 15 Gallon capability, all Electric, 240v, Capable of doing both BIAB and traditional three Vessel!
This Brewery will have the capability of doing large 10 or 15 gallon BIAB (e-biab) batches with the utilization of a small hoist/crane that is part of the brew bench for fast, simple, excellent brews. It will also be large enough to setup a 3 vessel HERMS or RIMS system to have complete control mash temperatures to achieve consistent results.
Home Brewing is a great hobby – well suited for the artistic/creative handy man.

Go Brew Something! Gabe.


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