The Grainfather: First Brew Day

Part 2 of my Grainfather review, I walk through a brew day with the Grainfather demonstrating how to input recipes, sync to the app and Grainfather Connect Control Box, mash, sparge, boil, cool, rack to a fermenter, and clean it when done.

1:24 – Inputting a recipe
8:42 – The Connect Control Box and Grainfather App
11:24 – Mashing
18:45 – Sparging & Lautering
24:27 – Boiling
30:35 – Chilling
36:45 – Cleaning
40:17 – Storage
40:47 – Final thoughts and future plans

Link to American Amber Ale #1 recipe (Untested recipe. use at your own risk):

‘The Grainfather’ Overview (Part 1):

Grainfather website:

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