The Truth About The Case of Beer: How Many Cans & MORE

A Case Of Beer

When you hang out with your friends in the pub, a cold beer is a perfect drink. There are many types of beer that you and your friends can choose from.

Beer is one of the oldest and most consumed drinks next to water and tea. Making it to be the third popular drink.

Is it a case of beer 12 or 24? Either it’s a can or a beer bottle. In one case, there are 24. In an instinct, one would say it’s 12, but that’s the standard.

As you read on, you’ll learn what composes of a beer and where it came from. I will also tackle some of the beer’s prices, their effect on your health. And what’s the meaning of a beer belly.

A Beer History

A beer, for most, is one of the most preferred alcoholic drinks. In the Carmel Mountains near the Haifa in Israel, they use it for ritual feasting. Researchers believed that beer was first produced at Göbekli Tepe around 8500 BC to 5500 BC.

Beer comes from cereal grains composed of wheat, corn, rice, oats, and malted barley.

Fermenting the starch sugar that produces carbonation and ethanol which results in beer. In modern beer, it is brewed with hops- a bitter flavor.

But it also acts as a natural preservative and stabilizing agent. To give more flavors, they add herbs, fruits, and a gruit instead of hops.

Beer is popular in pubs and bars wherein you can buy it in bottles or a can. There is no doubt that beer today is the third popular drink, making it present in many social traditions.

It is also used in rich pub activities like famous pub games, pub quizzes, and pub crawling as a beer festival.

An Amazing Divisible Number

In the United States (U.S), a case of beer is usually 24 in cans or bottled in 12-ounce containers. A six-pack, as most say, is a personal amount to start a good night. To understand further, here are some explanations:

  • One or two beers – the amount you prefer to have after the softball game.
  • Three or four beers – the beers that the rest of the team would have after some left.
  • Five or six beers – the amount that the other buddies prefer while watching the game.
  • Each twelve – or the case race, also considered the perfect number to drink in a fantastic event.

But as time passed by, the packaging changed in the U.S. Walmart starts to distribute 15 packs, 18 packs, and other denominations that they can.

What dominated the most in the 2000s- 2010s is the 30 racks. That became the foundational purchase in every party’s games like beer pong, flip cup, and a bag toss.

Different Price Range Of Beers

In the U.S., it shows that not all have equal prices of beer packed. But the average cost of a domestic 24-pack beer ranges from $21.98 to $14.62.

It still depends on what state you bought it. Two of the most popular domestic beers in a 24-pack are the Bud Light and the Miller Light.

There is one finance website that calculated the average cost of 24-packs of the said beer. Then ranked the states according to the most and least expensive.

The only states that sell cheaper were California, Illinois, and Michigan. In fourth place in North Carolina and sixth place in South Carolina.

The first three state’s prices ranged from $15- 14.62. Followed by the price of $15.23 from North Carolina and $15.96 from South Carolina.

The states that sell expensive beers are North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas. Prices range from $ 21.10-$21.98.

There are no specific variations why the beer prices that much. But they think that it’s related to the high-taxed states and the average cost of a packed beer. Another factor that they consider is the location and shipping fee.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer

  1. Protects the Heart – moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages has a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

  2. Helps Prevent Kidney Stones – drinking beer helps reduce the risk of having kidney stones by 41 percent. Mainly if it contains lots of hops like pale ales, which are rich in promoting phytochemicals.

  3. Strengthens Your Bones – beer has a high silicon content believed to help build stronger bones. Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) shows that it is vital for the development of the bones and tissues. Which, as a result, reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

  4. Lessen Stress – the hop ingredients can help improve the Xanthohumol. It’s the flavonoid that helps in slowing down the degradation in processing memory.

  5. It is more nutritious than any other beverage – If there are antioxidants in wine, beer has many. The protein and Vitamin B in beer are higher compared to those in wine. Such minerals contain calcium, fiber, iron, and phosphates.

What Is A Beer Belly?

A beer belly is one common term for most of us. But according to some experts, it has nothing to do with your fats. It’s basically your lack of exercise and a healthy diet, resulting in too many calories that result in a beer belly.

According to a Beer Wholesalers Association, liquid calories are easy to remove. Another factor that adds up quickly to your fat is a 12-ounce beer containing 150 calories.

So, if you want to enjoy beer and avoid calories simultaneously, choose a light beer. A light beer that has 64-110 calories is better.

Experts also warn drinkers about the adverse effects of beer. It will make you hungry more and lower your inhibitions. That’s why they recommended eating more than you planned to drink. Yet, other experts say they don’t always suggest drinking beer.


Overall, there are 24 beers in one case. This article also shows that drinking beer has benefits, too, like wines. But that doesn’t mean that you should always drink beer and rely upon its benefits.

It’s always important to seek a professional’s advice with your underlying conditions.


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