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Corona Beer Expiration Date

Many beers you can find on a grocery store shelf have much publicity in popular taste, just like Corona beer. The beer remains one of the best brands in the marketplace. It is also the most transported beer in the United States.

Many beer lovers hoard Corona beer in their chillers for an extended period.

Is there an expiration date on Corona beer? Yes, it does. You can establish by seeing the benchmarks such as expiration code, storage life, pull date, and birth date.

In the article, you will find out the benchmarks on the expiration date of Corona beers. You will also learn the ideal ways to store your Corona beer.

Expiration Date

Corona beer is the most marketable Mexican beer all over the world. It is ranked in 6th place as the most prized beer brand globally.

It has been perfecting life’s uncomplicated moments since 1925. It is currently appreciated across 120 countries all over the world.

Corona beer is subtle, comes in transparent bottles, and is highly susceptible to lightstruck or skunked. Below are the benchmarks to check the expiration date of Corona beers.

The Code

In addition to the expiration date, every Corona beer bottle has an expiration code. Every alphabet and number on the code will state exactly where and when the bottle was manufactured. In this manner, you’ll know when it is expired or not.

A regular expiration code will look like this – A084B029. Here is what every letter and number means:

  • The first letter means the month. For instance, A stands for January.
  • The two numbers after the month mean 08 for the 8th of January.
  • The following number afterward refers to the year, which 4 standing for 2014.
  • The following letter indicates the shift when the beer was manufactured, like “B” for the second shift.
  • The following two numbers refer to line numbers like 02 means Line 2
  • And the last number refers to the brewery, 9 meaning the brewery in Nava, Mexico.

Corona beer is developed by Constellation Brands, which manufactures various standard drinks. They all share the same format regarding expiration codes.

Storage Life

The producer specifies that Corona beer has a storage life of up to 180 days, about six months. But some attest that the storage life may be up to nearly nine months if stocked at room temperature.

With optimum refrigeration between 53-59° F, the Corona bottled beer could remain for up to two years. The beer might not taste fabulous after that period; however, it is still edible and slightly enjoyable.

Pull Date

The dates you see on almost all bottled beers are not expiration dates but pull dates. They are the dates vendors are provided to remove beers off a counter if they haven’t sold them.

The beer within is not expired. However, it’s no longer flavorful, and most manufacturers don’t want it to be sold. Several beermakers will buy these bottles from the vendors at a total retail price.

For this reason, there is no motive to keep the old beer on the counter.

Born On Date

It is rare for familiar imprinting on bottled beers to show bottled beer. Anheuser-Busch created it in 1990 as a part of a promotion. But during the operation, they allow the vendors to know when beer needs to be removed from the counter.

The recommended storage life was 110 days for several years, but it was raised to 180 days a couple of years ago.

Ideal Ways To Store Your Corona Beer

Almost traditional Corona beermakers try to get the absolute balance of flavors and aromas into the bottle. It’s not always essential when it’s entirely viable to season a beer by doing wine cellaring.

If it’s about storing beer, you want to keep it flavorful for its commended storage life, usually a few more months. However, some techniques can remain for a few years when kept better.

Cellar Temperature

To avoid the loss of flavor and ensure your Corona beer tastes exactly as it should be, you should preserve the bottles at 50-55°F. It is widely known as cellar temperature, but you don’t require a cave or cellar to make this in effect.

Any well-made fridge will let you keep the temperature to this extent. An excellent beer fridge will also secure the beer bottles from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Room Temperature Is Not Commendable

Bottled beers are not commended for being stored at room temperature because the temperature has changed in modern times. A living room with 72 degrees is steamy.

It’s no longer factual to store your beer at room temperature. It’s also ideal for keeping in mind that your beer will get hotter slowly as it settles in the glass.

Beer lovers will notice the changes in flavor when this happens. You can adjust your storage temperature to preserve your beer at your favored temperature.

Store Your Beer In The Dark

You also want to prevent light that can skunk your Corona beer in a short while. Lightstruck is the standard term, and it makes your beer smell like a newly spraying skunk. Hops are usually to blame as they bear brews affected by chemical change due to ultraviolet light.

The beer bottles serve as dark glasses for your beer. The unique colored glass keeps away light with changing scales of effectiveness.

Brown bottles are the best, while green or clear bottles are considerably less effective, especially in a bright setting.

Keep Your Corona Beer Upright

Anywhere you store it, ensure that the beer is not lying down. Holding the beer upright decreases the beer’s surface area load since this will affect the air trapped in the bottle.


Corona beers are one of the foremost brands in the marketplace, and they do expire when you check the expiration date.

Always store your Corona beer cold and away from ultraviolet light. If your chiller is complete, a dark and cold chamber is proper storage.


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