White Claw Clone Part A Brew Day, 5 Gallons.

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Mango Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit

Anti Splash Funnel:
Anti Splash 10'' Funnel w screen

Five Gallon Equipment Kit:
Beer Brewing Equipment Kits

Flavor Additives (use 4oz natural flavors or 1 dram of the LorAnn Oils per ~5 gallons of Seltzer)
Beer Flavoring
Beer Flavoring

In today’s Journey we, actually follow directions and make a full 5 gallons of White Claw like an adult. Although our plan is to split it later into one-gallon flavors we start by fermenting it all together in one large batch. Comment bellow what flavors you would like to see us make next time

Today’s Recipe:
Included Ingredients:
1.Mineral Water Pack2.3 lbs. of Corn Sugar3.Chitosan Fining* (*Shell Fish Fining. Do not use if allergic to shellfish. Kit is still usable without, but maybe slightly cloudy…that’s ok)4.2 oz Yeast Nutrient

Optional Ingredients
1.Priming Sugar
2.Optional Flavoring (If Selected at Checkout)

Not Included:
1.6 gallons Distilled or Reverse Osmosis (R/O) Water. If you use tap water, the end result will be cloudy and may have too many minerals or overly strong flavors for the desired end product. We strongly recommend Distilled orR/O Water.

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