You Can Fit These Many Kegs In A Fridge

How Many Kegs Can You Fit in a Fridge?

Keeping beer kegs cold is crucial in terms of keeping the beer fresh for a longer time.

If you wish to keep multiple kegs in one place, ice is not enough to do the job. You need a better solution—such as refrigerators—to make your beer kegs last.

How many kegs can you fit in a fridge? Four beer kegs can fit inside a 7-cubic-foot freezer. A 5-cubic-foot freezer is not able to fit 4 beer kegs in it.

Below, learn which size of refrigerator can fit the number of kegs you wish to store. I have also listed three remedies to keep kegs cold if your fridge is too small to fit a keg.

Can My Fridge Hold Multiple Kegs?

The size of the keg you are storing, and the size of your refrigerator will determine how many beer kegs can fit inside your fridge.

If you own a 7-cubic-foot freezer, you can hold 4 kegs. A 5-cubic-foot freezer is not enough to hold 4 beer kegs.

Why Do You Need to Keep the Keg Cold?

It is important to keep the beer keg cold to keep its fresh taste for a longer period. Aside from that, no one wants to drink hot beer.

Leaving a beer keg warm or hot for a long time can make the beer taste funky and sour. Who would want that?

Keeping the beer keg cold can also help to prevent the beer from becoming foamy, especially when pouring.

The reason why this happens is that warm liquids contain less gas compared to cold liquids, which means that the CO2 in cold beer shoots out of the tap when it becomes warm or hot.

It might be okay to serve a decent ale at 20–22°C (68–72°F), but it is undeniable that most people love to drink a cold beer, especially on a hot day.

Other Ways to Keep Keg Beer Cold

  • Keg Blanket – One of the best ways to keep a keg cold is by using a keg blanket. This is an insulated neoprene material that can cool a keg for 8 hours or more.

  • Keg Tub – A kegtub is made of rugged plastic material that comes with a rope handle durable enough to withstand indoor and outdoor use. You can use one keg tub for each beer keg you wish to keep cool.

  • Keg Sheet – This is similar to a keg blanket, but does not need water or ice. It features NASA materials technology and is reusable, compact, light, and recyclable. To top it all off, you can keep a keg cold even in direct sunlight.


A 7-cubic-foot fridge can store only 4 half-barrel kegs. The number of kegs you can fit inside your fridge depends on the size of the keg you are storing and the size of your refrigerator.

Aside from refrigerators, there are various ways to keep kegs cold, such as keg blankets, keg tubs, and keg sheets, or you can convert your fridge into a kegerator.


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